The chance of a virus

Wuhan, China, January 2020. News start to spread around the world about a new respiratory disease, a kind of pneumonia of unknown origin, caused by a new type of coronavirus. It spreads fast, forcing some of the most populated cities in the world to go on lockdown. It soon reaches other countries in the area, [...]


Of marshes and memories

THAT WEIRD MOMENT BEFORE EVERYTHING HAPPENS There is a chocolate cookie in the pocket of my trench coat; one I purchased this morning at Starbucks, Madrid airport Terminal 4, along with a tall coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich that quickly went to fill both the hole in my stomach and the boredom of [...]

Gloria and my life

When it is officially announced that actor Mary McDonnell is going to portray writer and activist Gloria Steinem in Emily Mann’s play Gloria: A Life, I instantly realize something. The first and most evident fact I am immediately sure of upon hearing this news is that I am not going to miss this opportunity to [...]


PART I: THE BURDEN OF PERFECTION, BY CHRISTINE ROGERS   On Saturday October 20th, Mary McDonnell came back to her Alma Mater, SUNY Fredonia to talk to the theater and film students and have a public conversation, on the occasion of the homecoming weekend. Truly at ease and grounded in her home and roots, Ms. [...]

To be independent

A few weeks ago, I had a very interesting conversation with two female friends about what being independent means for us women (one of the upsides of having smart women as friends is that they are always brimming with good ideas and open to discuss relevant topics!) Our chat proved that this subject is far [...]