To be independent

A few weeks ago, I had a very interesting conversation with two female friends about what being independent means for us women (one of the upsides of having smart women as friends is that they are always brimming with good ideas and open to discuss relevant topics!) Our chat proved that this subject is far [...]


Of death, art, and life

Dear Mary, Sharon is gone. Or maybe, rather than ‘gone’ I should say that she is dead; because she cannot, and she will never, be gone for me. I am writing this after having listened to your podcast yesterday. While I am still not sure I will ever come to see Sharon’s death as you [...]

Awarding a life

People like him exist to remind us that it is not just politicians, scientists, or humanitarian workers (category the latter to which he belongs without a doubt) who have the fate of the world in their hands. Artists do, too, and the wider their celebrity and their success, the bigger their responsibility for sharing their [...]

Of molds and ceilings

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be among the press covering the IV Platino Awards of Latin American Cinema ceremony. These awards celebrate the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American movie industry and promote our shared culture, language and history in a borderless, genuine, and cheerful brotherhood. As directors, actors, actresses, editors, producers and other [...]